Laura Lee's New Apology Secrets

As soon as an actor messes up, they have a team of supervisors, representatives, and crisis managers to back up them with handmade private statements.

Much like break up videos, apology videos are a rite of passage for YouTubers. Since their articles is personal, their apologies must be. As content creators' net histories that are offensive get vulnerable, apology videos are becoming more and more common. There's almost a formulation You sob, you wrap this up with a teary thank-you, beg for forgiveness from the fans, apologize for anything you did wrong, you sob some more.

The latest case of this tearsfest is a wonder vlogger who was just shy of 5 million subscribers, Laura Lee, but lost 200,000 this season once she was subjected for tweets.

Back in 2012 Lee tweeted,"tip for all black people if you pull on ur pants up you can conduct from the authorities quicker "

When the tweet was dug up by lovers of another beauty guru, Lee went silent. She deleted her tweets deactivated her Twitter account, and then came back with a lengthy Notes app apology to Twitter.

"I am so sorry. "It hurts me so bad to disappoint you who have supported me for several years. I know that I'm better than that person."

The four-minute video was dragged for being (for lack of a better word) total bullshit. One commenter called it"so funny to watch bc it's so forced." Another joked that it was"evidence that youtubers should not be celebrities "

Someone wrote captions within her video, and her turned to a meme on Twitter. Parodies inspired.

Hers is the only getting criticized the many, although laura Lee is a part of a bunch of beauty gurus who all apologized for their pasts.

But is there a"right" way to apologize? Crisis director Eden Gillott Bowe says there might not be a 1 size fits all way to say"I'm sorry," however there's a fundamental formula that Laura Lee's New Apology best gets the point across. Like Olivia Pope in Scandal, situations are fixed by Gillott Bowe.

"If you know you have done something wrong, you do not want to hide it since the truth always finds a means of coming out," Gillott Bowe said over the phone. "So you only need to deal with it quickly."

Compare Lee's apology to the of a different member of the beauty guru clique that broke Gabriel Zamora, over this week.

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